The merchant who chooses this type of membership can obtain a number of advantages

• Top RANKING for all searches and in sections sorted by popularity...

• Increased visibility according to product type.


You can choose from three types of offer:

100 DAYS 2017: With only 75£ excl. VAT you will join our premium community for 100 days from the activation date. You will not be charged any additional costs (cost per click, sale cost, etc.) and you will be able to fully enjoy maximum visibility at a lower cost than a coffee per day.

PREMIUM STANDARD: By reloading your purse you can choose to activate our PREMIUM STANDARD offer, which includes a price per click of € 0.07 + VAT activated by a merchant purse. No activation costs, no additional import costs, no contractual obligation, offer can be activated and renewable at the merchant's sole discretion. Cost per click 50% lower than the cost imposed by other comparators.

PREMIUM QUALITY RATING: By reloading your purse you can choose to activate our PREMIUM QUALITY RATING offer, which offers a variable price per click from €0.02 to €0.25 based on the Conversion Rate obtained from the store. Conversion Rate is the number of sales generated through our portal. If this value were to be very low, the merchant's economic commitment would be minimal. In this case, too, we guarantee a saving of more than 40% compared to other comparators. It is mandatory during the acceptance phase to enter our sales tracking code, if it does not work, the PREMIUM STANDARD campaign will be activated automatically.


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